Mobilization for reading Library Books

A library is created with the intention of providing free public access to reading material, with the altruistic goal of educational enlightenment and the better welfare of the people. Many libraries are in operation with a specialization of a specific subject or focus. Now a day children are more interested in watching television, and playing with mobile. This type of nature carries them to dark in future. Keeping this with mind we have created a public resource for reading material. It contains comic books, News Papers, Magazine, about 8,000 totals, and is provided to the public without requiring any cost. It is created only for aware the children towards develop their reading habits.

Cultural Education Program

Demand generation will cover mass media, mid media and IPC and other community based activities such as BCC, as per the need of the project area. Mass media and mid media would be used depending on the availability of material from the public sector. However interpersonal communication towards BCC would form the basis of the program. In addition the GJS would organize street plays, wall painting to communicate with the people and also conduct competitions and other activities to increase community participation and awareness. This program will also create demand for services related to health and its determinants through various groups.

Right to information Program

We have organized a two days workshop on right to information on Anti Poverty Day 1st November 2008 at Budhanath High School, Balipatna. More than 255 people including SHG members, BPL family heads and workers participating in the programme. Home Contact Us Sitemap

Afforestation Program

We have organized Afforestation Programmes two times in our project areas. Eminent environmentalists narrate the important of forests in the changing polluted world these days. Mass awareness is essential for achieving the aim. We have proposed to boost our activities in these sectors.

Empowerment of Adolescents Program

We have organized Adult Literacy programmes in 40 tribal villages in Nuapada and Keonjhar district. The local village volunteers managed the above programme. The volunteers have been providing facilities and make learning joyful in the functioning literacy centres. We have supplied teaching and learning materials for these centres.

Environmental Education Program

We have organized four Environment Education Workshops during the year. Rapid degradation of local forests should be checked to facilitate arresting of soil erosion, etc. To sensitized people on the above issue, these awareness programmes have been organized in which other volunteer agencies; SHG members and school children participated. Activities like plantation on village common lands, waste land private lands have been done in the project villages. A mass rally with school children, SHG members and village volunteers have been organized in different places of the project village.tion of elementary education by 2010, the Govt. of Orissa decided on 31.03.2008 EGS scheme already closed.

EGS School

With support from OPEPA-DPEP Orissa, eighteen (18) Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) schools are being continuing in Balipatna Block of Khurda district since 1st January 2003. To achieve the national goal i.e. universalization of elementary education by 2010, the Govt. of Orissa decided on 31.03.2008 EGS scheme already close

Education for Girl

Most of the parents in rural areas do not take proper care for education of their girl children. To abolish this fallacy, we have been continuing a girls hostel of 100 boarders since 1997 at Alisisasan with the benevolent financial support from Ministry of HRD, New Delhi. The boarders are providing with lodging and boarding facilities. We have also been providing them with basis tutorial classes. During this tear 24 out of 33 HSC Exams. Appearing boarders have passed successfully. We are also trying to teach them some vocational courses for self employment purpose.

Yoga Education Program

During this year 20 no Yoga Education programs organized in secondary and upper primary school of Balipatana block under Khordha District. In this program was appreciated by the teachers and also students because the student and teacher were keep consternation on education. This year GJS also successfully organized mega Yoga camp at Alisisasan with the help of Artatrana bidya Niketan. In this camp more than 200 peoples were participated and learnt on utility of meditation.

Children Education Program

During this year GJS Established 5 no pre-school in Balipatana block of Khordha district and main focus of the program is to prepare the children before formal education. We were adopting joyful learning method to easy catching the formal education. The main alternatives are to retention of dropout after formalized of children. and also organized meeting with pregnant women, lactating women and eligible couple on Mother and Newborn child health.